Saturday, 6 January 2018

Volcanoes come alive in Year 3!

This week in year 3, the children were introduced to their new geography topic for the term: What makes the Earth angry? They looked at the components of a volcano and coloured in their own volcono, focussing on the magma inside its chamber and lava erupting out of the crater.

That was not all though! They were able to bring their volcanoes to life and see them as 3D images erupting in front of their eyes.

"It was so cool, we scanned the pictures of volcanoes that we had coloured in and we could make them erupt on the iPads!" Elliot, Sequoia

"I worked really well with my partner to make the volcanoes erupt on the iPad. I used reciprocity which is one of my learning powers!" Summer, Sequoia

"I found it weird seeing the drawing I had done basically come to life!" Bonnie, Hazel

An exciting start to your geography topic year 3 and I am sure you all looking forward to our trip to the Natural History Museum where we can learn even more about volcanoes!

Make sure to show your volcano coming to life to everyone at home!

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