Saturday, 27 May 2023

Year 4 awards 26.05.23

Well done to all the children in year 4 who have worked extremely hard

 this week and have been awarded a certificate for their hard work.

E for E- 

Birch - Ryan 
Larch - Lexie-Mae
Ash - Elykim 

Star writer - 

Birch - Billie
Larch - Ryan & Lexie-Mae
Ash - Louie-Ray

One kind word -

Ash- Amber 

4RS - 

Birch - Aisha 
Ash- Francesca 
Larch - JJ 

I made my teacher happy - 

Birch - Asher 
Ash- Dominic 
Larch - Emma 

Tracker awards - 

Larch - Megan and Zurielle
Birch - Asher 


Friday, 26 May 2023

Year 3 Certificates


A huge well done to all of our wonderful certificate winners this week!

The Year 3 children have had a fabulous week of learning. In Literacy they have completed an independent write and used their editing and evaluating skills to up level their work. Maths has focused on money and how to calculate giving change using different methods. The children have had to apply their resourcefulness skills in their Music lessons to feel the pulse and move in time with the rhythm, whilst learning the lyrics to our new song! 
The children have been superstars this half term and we know that they will all work just as hard in their final half term of Year 3!

E for E - Osazemen, Abdulahad, Peace

Star writer - Stefania, Sianna, Toby

4RS - Gabi, Liroshan, Noah, Charlie

Teacher happy - Joshua, Ayaan, Jack, Zara

TTRS - Jessica, Tayla, Jefflyn

Presentation - Ollie, Ayaan

On behalf of the Year 3 team, we wish you a restful and relaxing half term break and we look forward to welcoming you all back to school on Tuesday 6th June.

Year 3 Help Out!


As part of The Big Help Out, in celebration of the King's Coronation, Year 3 chose to write cards for the children in Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

The children spent an afternoon thinking about what designs they could use for their cards and discussed how to make them colourful and bright to cheer up the children who are currently spending time in hospital. They used their reciprocity skills to work together to consider what information they could include in their inspirational messages.

The Year 3 children did a fabulous job of designing, creating and finalising their designs, before posting them to our contact at GOSH.

"I hope that my card makes the children in hospital smile." - Jack

" I hope that my card helps the children get better quickly." - Stanley

"I used lots of colours in mine to brighten someone's day." - Evie

Thursday, 25 May 2023

Year 3 are magnificent Mini Medics!


Year 3 have had the fantastic opportunity to be taught Mini Medics First Aid! All three classes have experienced a fun filled day of learning all about First Aid and how to help others when they are injured. They started by looking at what is First Aid? What are in First Aid kits and important things to know about First Aid. The children were amazing at identifying where our First Aid bags are kept in class and where we should go to replenish any items needed. 

After this, they moved on to learning about DR ABC. This is a little acronym for them to understand the different parts of helping someone who is injured. 

D - dangers 

R - response

A - airway 

B - breathing 


This helped them to develop their understanding of dangers and hazards around us, especially electricity and how to approach someone if they are in danger. The children now know how to see if someone can respond to them, to check their airways and breathing which would then lead to calling 999 or 112 in emergencies if they are not responding or breathing. 

If this is the case, they begin to perform CPR! This was very hands on for the children, they were able to use Annes to practice and counted up to 30 times when completing their chest compressions. 

After this, they carefully listened to how to attach a defibrillator and what to do, how to put someone in the recovery position, how to help someone choking, how to apply bandages, how to help someone having an asthma attack and if someone suffers from shock. Wow, what a lot of fascinating and interesting topics to learn about! 

A huge whale done to Year 3! They demonstrated fantastic reciprocity skills with their partners and super resourcefulness skills. 

'You have to check their airways.' - Victoria

'If a person is seriously injured you must call 999.' - Liroshan

'You must check for dangers!' - Peace

Monday, 22 May 2023

Year 4 Stay and Learn Reminder - 23.05.23

Dear parents, 

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning for the Stay and Learn session.

Many thanks for your continued support. 

Year 4 Team

Year 3&4 Maths Challenge - WB 22.5.23

Complete the below. 

Find as many different ways as you can. 

Year 3's Computing!


In Computing this half term, year 3 have been learning all about creating media!

During this unit, the children have become familiar with the terms ‘text’ and ‘images’ and they have used Google docs to create their very own fact file about a Stone Age animal. This has linked with their previous learning of the Stone Age in History and their current learning of Stone Age Boy in Literacy. The children have been very excited to finish their fact files today and show their partners their work.

Year 3 have shown great reflectiveness skills, reflecting on their learning of the Stone Age and their fact file features as well as showing fantastic reciprocal skills when helping their friends on the Chromebooks. 

'I have enjoyed researching different Stone Age animals!' - Amelia 

'It was really fun being able to type words onto Google docs.' -  Ava

'I have enjoyed learning how to insert an image onto Google docs!' - Hope