Thursday, 14 February 2013

Challenge Afternoon!

We were delighted with the turn out of parents for our 'Challenge Afternoon' with guest speaker Ann Nelson today.  Many parents came along to find out how are we are challenging our children in all lessons and how you can help to develop your child's thinking skills at home too.

Staff, pupils and parents all had an enjoyable time, both with their own challenges to complete and with helping their child complete their challenges in the classroom.  This is just one of the many ways that we at Broadford are developing your children's multiple intelligences and we are very grateful to those who came along to experience this with us.

Here are some of the pictures from the day:

Book review project - Matthew Leadbitter

This term, we have widened the spectrum of project ideas to include pieces of artwork, presentations and writing.  Matthew Leadbitter has taken this on board and produced a detailed book review on the story 'Winnie the Witch at the Seaside'.

Within his book review Matthew has included an overview of the story, images of his favourite scenes and has explained why he chose this book and why he enjoys it so much.

"I like this book because it is full of magic and fun. Winnie and her cat are very cheeky and in this book they lose her broomstick in the sea and have to get a Whale to help them rescue it!" Matthew Leadbitter.

Matthew's book review may inspire you to review some of your favourite authors for your project next term!

A very proud Miss Fox!

The Top 10 qualifiers for the Library 'Reading Challenge' have been released today. Miss Fox is delighted that 7 out of the10 children were pupils in Rowan class.

The winners are to be released later today, however Miss Fox was so proud that so many of her children took part that she had to share their achievements right away!

"Well done to all members of Rowan class that took part. I know that many of you have risen to the challenge and developed a love of reading as a result.  A special congratulations to Ben Green, Albie Brown, Samson Wright, Teddy Pilcher, Charly Wallace, George White and Chloe Trew who came within the Top 10! Well done!" Miss Fox

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Rowan discover hidden bones!

Today, Rowan ventured out into the snow to see if they could discover any ancient buried bones outside....and they did! We were in such of skulls, bones and teeth to start our discussion and learning about vertebrates and invertebrates. We were amazed at what we found outside...take a look!

We then went on to produce classification diagrams featuring creatures that are both vertebrates and invertebrates.

"I really enjoyed discovering all the bones outside and learning about vertebrates and invertebrates" Kye Smethurst.

"I have learned that snakes are vertebrates...I didn't know that before!"  George White

"Doing the diagrams was hard because you had to think of good questions but it was good, I enjoyed it" Samson Wright.