Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Anti-bullying week

Today, Broadford had a special visit from an anti-bullying workshop to mark the importance of anti-bullying week. 

In classes we discussed the different types of bullying (physical,verbal, social or cyber bullying) and what we should do if we ever encounter this. 

We learned a useful strategy to deal with cyber bullying that was easy to remember:

1. Zip it!
2. Block it!
3. Flag it!

We then listened to a poem called 'Billy doesn't like school really' and created role plays to change a bullying picture into a friendship picture. 

Harold Hill Locality Spelling Bee

Each year we are extremely grateful to Drapers Academy for hosting the Harold Hill Locality Spelling Bee. This is the third year that the spelling bee has been running and the competition is fierce!

To ensure that we have the best team possible, take the crown and win the title of the ‘The best spellers on the hill!’ we are holding round one of the school based competition at the end of this term.

The in house spelling bee will be held in classes and the winners from each class will go forward to the whole school competition in the summer term. This is the round that will decide the winning team, who will represent the school at the locality spelling bee.

If you are good speller with a memory like a steel trap and you would like to win a kindle, then we need you!

Start your spelling training today. Good Luck!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Musical madness!

Every Tuesday year 3 & 4, we are lucky to have a specialist music teacher in to teach us how to play instruments and learn musical rhythms. 

Today we got to play the steel pans! We practised drumming the different notes and learned how the notes in different places produced different sounds. 

Here are a few pictures of us practising: 





Monday, 11 November 2013

Budding actors in Rowan!

This week year 3 are reading a play script called 'A Tune of Lies' by Lou Kuenzler. We have read the play and have discussed what the stage directions are and why they are needed when you read a play. 

Today, we tried acting out the play ourselves, with each of us taking on the part of a different character. The stage directions helped us to know what the characters were doing and feeling. 

Why not ask your child about their thoughts of the play tonight? 

Here are some pictures of us getting to grips with the play: