Tuesday, 20 July 2021

New Year 3 Team September 2021

Welcome to Year 3!

Time to meet the team!

If your child was in Pine Class they will now be in Cedar Class with Ms Jennings, who is also the Year 3 Lead. You are extra lucky this year as you will have Ms Jennings teaching you, but also Mrs Jackson, who is training to be a teacher!

If your child was in Mulberry Class they will now be in Elm Class with Miss Thomas.

If your child was in Rowan Class they will now be in Cherry Class with Mrs Bamgboye (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs Doughty (Wednesday to Friday).


Other adults who are here to help in Year 3 are Miss Piper, Miss Shepherd and Miss Aweis.

If you have any questions about next year, please do not hesitate to email us at year34@broadford.havering.sch.uk or ring the school office.


New Year 4 Team September 2021

Year 4 Team for September 2021.     Hello Year 3, It is now the time to introduce you to your teachers for next year! If you are currently in Cedar Class, your new class teacher is going to be...... 
  Miss Higgins

 "Hello Cedar Class. I'm the Year Group Leader and also your teacher. Next year will be lots of fun and I am really looking forward to teaching you. You will be in Larch class! I cannot wait to see you all again and to get to know you. I am sure we will have lots of fun!"

If you are currently in Elm Class, your new class teacher is going to be......
 Ms. Delahunty
"Hello Elm Class. I'm Ms. Delahunty and I am going to be teaching you all in Ash class next year. I'm so excited to begin our year together, full of team work, challenging ourselves and learning so many exciting new things. I can't wait to get to know you all even more and to get to start this incredible year together!"

If you are currently in Cherry class, your new class teacher is going to be...... 
Miss Islam

"Hello Cherry, I am super excited to be your teacher from September. Your new classroom is going to be in Birch. I cannot wait to create new memories and enjoy another full year of learning. I am so excited to see another class grow as learners. It is going to be a fantastic year!"  

 Other adults who are here to help! 
Mrs Spence 

Mrs Clements

Many thanks,
The Year Four Team

Monday, 19 July 2021

Our Own Free Writing in Year Four!

 Over the past week, Year Four have been working hard at writing their own accounts of their favourite parts and memories from our brilliant year. Through diary entries, letters, narratives, stories and personal accounts, the children writers have expressed themselves creatively and cleverly, taking their readers on whirlwind adventures. 

It was so amazing for the teachers to be able to join their groups of writers and enjoy the reciprocal experience of writing alongside the writers.  
"I like reading other people's writing and being able to share ideas," Caden, Larch. 

"I'm so happy I'm able to write about whatever I want and however I want," Carla, Larch. 

We are so proud of our writers and our writing walls that we have created full of exciting, suspense-filled and nostalgic stories. 

                    Here is one of our writing boards, proudly displaying everyone's writing for all to enjoy!

Year Four Certificates (16.07.2021)


What a fabulous week we have had in Year Four to finish off this fantastic year. Even with the incredible Sports Day we had, we still managed to fit in tons of learning and showed that we can always follow our three school jobs. We are so proud of our wonderful students and the role models they have become. 

E for Excellence
These children have put in 110% effort this week and really showed us how in the green zone they were with their learning. Thank you for your incredible hard-work.

Congratulations to: Adrian M., Ruby W., and Olivia.

Star Writer
Well done on your brilliant memory pieces and your water-cycle information leaflet. 

Congratulations to: Rebeca, Iyinope, and Archie.

The 4Rs 

We want to recognise the students who really exemplified the 4Rs this week, both in and out of class. 

Congratulations to: Brian, Richie and Iniya

Congratulations to: Fiki and Lilly

MDA Award
Congratulations to: Caden

All of our Rockstars Level Ups and the Battle of the Bands Winners this week - thank you for all of your hard work! Well done!

A huge congratulations to our Tracker Superstars who have earned enough merits to complete their trackers!

Friday, 16 July 2021

Year 3 Certificates 16/7/21

 Our penultimate week is over..!!

You should have received your child's report today, please do give us any feedback/comments and bring in the sheet to your child's class teacher.

Next week the children will meet their new teacher for next year on Tuesday afternoon (Cherry will be meeting theirs on Monday afternoon, collected from the playground as usual). 

They will be dismissed from their new classroom door at 3.05pm on Tuesday afternoon.
Watch out for a letter coming home on Monday afternoon to know where to collect your child.

We will also be watching Broadford's Got Talent on Thursday morning! 

Our last day at school is Thursday 22nd July 2021, normal time finish.

E for Excellence - Noah
Star writer - Dara

Teacher happy - Aimen
Resilience - Deivydas 
Resourcefulness - Tele

Rockstars - Dara, Daniel, Riley and Aimen

E for E - Ava
Star Writer - Thomas
Resilience - Leonard 
Teacher Happy - Lorena
MDA Award - Tiffany
15 books read - Anish 

E for E- Christian
Star Writer- Shivangi

Year 3’s Historical Adventure!

In History this term, year 3 have been learning all about childhood throughout the ages. We looked at Mayan civilisation, Victorian England, World War 2 and comparing them with how the children live now.  

To finish our fantastic learning, we put our creativity hats on and made some old fashioned toys! We made a ball and cup game, a puppet show, spinning tops and the children even came up with their own ideas and made string telephones! 

Well done year 3, you have worked so hard and we are so proud! 


Thursday, 15 July 2021

Year 4 Sports Morning!


What a brilliant Sports Morning we have had in Year 4 this week. We ran, we jumped, we ducked, we crawled, we carried eggs in spoons, we threw Vortexes... it has been an incredible experience and every member of Ash, Birch and Larch class (including the teachers) were delightfully exhausted by the end of our brilliant day. 

The Year Four team were so proud of our classes and how they followed their Broadford school jobs and displayed all four Rs. Resilience was observed in never giving up, even when it seemed difficult or there was a water gun spraying us! We were Resourceful in our three-legged race pairings and in our successful completion of the tricky, terrific obstacle course. We have all supported each other and cheered so loud our lungs ache; showing teamwork and beautiful Reciprocity. And now we have time to Reflect on what a wonderful time we have had together and how much fun it has been. 

Thank you so much to you all for being the best year ever!

You can watch highlights of it here!

"If I could write about my favourite memory of Year Four tomorrow, I would write about this day, it was the best day ever" Annabelle, Larch. 

"I felt happy to cheer my friends on!" - Richie, Ash

"I didn't think I could do it but it was so fun and now I want to do it again!" Amy, Larch. 

"Thank you to everyone for making my Sports Morning so fun." - Siena, Larch

"Sports Day was the BEST day!" - Abdulmalik, Ash

"I learnt how to be resilient during Sports Morning, if I fell over, I got straight back up again." - Srinika, Ash