Friday, 9 July 2021

Melting Madness in Year Four!


This week in Year Four Science, we have been continuing our study of states of matter and we have explored changing solids to liquids and the process of melting once more. Only this time, we decided to melt different types of chocolate and observe which type of chocolates melted at what rates. 

Generally, it was found that the white chocolate melted the quickest, and the children made lots of inferences about why that could be. 

"It's so hard, I just want to eat it all!" Harry, Larch. 

"White chocolate is softer than milk and dark chocolate therefore it has melted quickly," Aarna, Birch.

"When the chocolates melted, they looked so shiny. The milk chocolate started to become a solid again because it was becoming hard when I continued to stir it." Ethan, Birch. 

“I was so surprised that my prediction didn’t match the results! It was probably from the factors we didn’t control to make it a fair test.” Srinika, Ash

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