Thursday, 19 July 2018

Birch Class End of Year Video here!

Today was an emotional one! If you can handle more memories then follow this link to view our end of year video. Thank you to all parents and children of Birch class for such a fantastic year. We miss you already and we wish you a well-deserved relax over summer.

Mr Nicol and Ms Spence :)

Ash create persuasive posters!

For the last week of the year, Ash class have worked in partners to create persuasive posters. They have included the following persuasive features:

  • Snappy slogans
  • Vibrant images
  • Intriguing questions
  • Words that sell
  • Powerful verbs
  • Appealing adjectives
  • Wordplay

Can you spot any of the features in the posters?

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Year 4 - Picnic Party

Miss Daly, Mr Nicol and all the year 4 staff would like to invite the year 4 children to the end of year picnic!

We have been incredibly proud of all the children in year 4 and the excellent work they have produced this school year!

Friday, 13 July 2018

Soluble or Insoluble? Sequoia investigate!

Last week in Science, Sequoia class were investigating whether substances are soluble - able to dissolve in a liquid - or insoluble - not able to dissolve.

They looked at five different powders: flour, salt, sugar, sand and coffee and conducted an experiment to discover which powders were soluble and which were insoluble.

"I thought the flour was soluble, because I thought it had dissolved but I realised there was still flour left at the bottom of the cup, so it was in fact insoluble!" - James, Sequoia 

"My salt didn't completely dissolve in the water, so I thought it was insoluble. However, I concluded that maybe the temperature of the water was not high enough and that is why the salt did not dissolve." - Ruben, Sequoia

Great scientific work, Sequoia!

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Sequoia's Trip to 'The ArcelorMittal Orbit'

Year 3 have had a fabulous day in Stratford today as they explored the Olympic Park and went to the top of the striking ArcelorMittal Orbit tower. They loved taking in all of the sights of London and could not believe how high up they were!

"I was so scared to go up to the top of the tower, but I conquered my fear and it was definitely worth it! It was so cool seeing all of London and the inside of the Westham stadium. I'm still quite scared of heights though!" - Bayleigh, Sequoia

"When we got up to the top of the tower, there were these mirrors which made you look upside down! They were really funny!" Lewis - Sequoia

We then got to enjoy a play in the park, which everyone absolutely loved. A brilliant trip to round off what has a been a brilliant year!

KS1 and KS2 Spelling Bee WINNERS!

Today was the final spelling bee competition for both the KS1 and KS2 superstar spellers... and we won!

Not only did we take the crown and win the title of the ‘The best spellers on the hill!’ but also we were fantastic role models for Broadford Primary school.

Miss Daly was incredibly impressed with the team members showing the 4R's and their impeccable manners. Each child tried their best and congratulated the other teams at the end of the competition.


Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Year 4 - GO BONKERS!

Year 4 had a fantastic afternoon at 'Go Bonkers!'

All of the year 4 teachers were impressed by year 4's behaviour on and off the bouncy castles!

We hope you all had a great time :)

Here are some photos of the action and ice cream this afternoon...