Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Place Value in Year 4

Year 4 have been continuing to develop their place value understanding this term by using concrete resources such as place value counters and dienes to support them. 

This week we have been exploring what happens when you subtract or add 1, 10, 100 and 1000 from any given number. The children have made sure to follow their steps to success by identifying the column that they need to focus on and then adding or subtracting from that column. 

In Larch class, the children challenged each other with a fun place value game. Partner A covered their eyes as partner B removed one counter from a column. It was then up to partner A to spot which column had changed and what the new number was! 

" When I was subtracting 1000, I got confused to start with because I wasn't looking at the right column. Now I know that the hundreds, tens and ones stay the same, it's only the 1000s that change." Ella, Larch

"I know that I need to only add or take away one thousand place value counter or diene in the thousands column. The other digits in the place value columns stay the same." Keira, Ash

In Birch class, the children were asked to make the number 490 and then add another 10. Daisy and Ruby realised that both the hundreds and tens column changed as the answer was 500! We will definitely explore this some more as the year goes on.

Excellent work year 4, as always!

Year 4 - TT Rockstars: Battle of the Bands!

Year 4's first Battle of the Bands is going to start this afternoon and end on Thursday evening. The classes will go head to head to earn the top spot for the week.

In order for a class to be crowned champions, the children need to log in to their TT Rockstars account at home and play to earn as many coins as possible. They can play as normal in Garage Mode and collect as many coins as possible for their class. The more coins they earn, the higher the chance that their class will win! 

All the children should have their logins in the back of their reading records, but please let us know if they have any issues logging in.

We will announce the winner on Friday and the top three earners from each class, will also win a special certificate.

Good luck year 4!  I wonder which class will win our first battle?

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Year 4's Science 'Eggsperiment'

This week in year 4, the children have been developing their understanding of teeth and how we can protect them. We discussed the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day and the good choices we can make in our diet to stop our teeth from decaying.

As scientists, the children asked a very important research question: does toothpaste actually protect our teeth? 

To find out, each class have conducted an experiment were eggs were placed in a jar of vinegar. One egg was covered in toothpaste to protect it and the other had no toothpaste - this was our independent variable as this is the part of the experiment that we changed. 

Later in the week, we'll be exploring if the toothpaste helped protect the eggshell or not. The potential differences in the two eggs will be our dependent variable, as this will be the part of our experiment that we measure. 

"I predict that that the egg with no toothpaste on will be more damaged than the egg with toothpaste on." Caden, Larch

"I predict the egg in the vinegar will soften and dissolve." Lukas, Birch

I wonder if any of the children in year 4 can remember some of the controlled variables that we had in our experiment to ensure that it was reliable.

We'll make sure to share the results with you as soon as we have them!

Tantalizing Teeth in Year 4!

This week, Year 4 have moved onto our second goal in our Science Unit: Animals including Humans. We are now focusing on the different types of teeth and their different roles they play when we eat our food. 

Children had to be especially reflective this lesson, as they were mindful about the types of teeth that they used to eat an apple. Children froze whilst eating their their word wave, they had to name the teeth that they were using in that position! 

Srinika said, "My incisors bite and slice into my food!"

Livi said, "The teeth that tear food are both the pre molars and canines but the pre molars do one extra job; they crush food."

Taylor said, "My molars grind the apple."

Thabang said, "Without teeth we wouldn't be able to digest our food!"

Monday, 28 September 2020

Amazing Archeologists in Year 4!

Last Friday, Year Four became real-life historians and dissected “organic remains” to study food evidence from the past. By studying the food inside the organic remains, they could discover if it was from Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. 

The students figured out some clues given to them by Eric the Archaeologist to learn about what the Romans and Grecians ate in the past. They learned about how we can find out so much information about the past through studying different objects.

Working in teams, our historians examined the organic remains to see what food could be found, battling any fear or initial disgust in the name of Science! Between lentils, seeds, stones and fish bones, they gathered the evidence and wrote up observation records to show how they knew if it was Greek or Roman remains. 

“I can’t believe the Romans swallowed stones!” Tavia, Larch. 

"Did they actually eat stones?" Daisy

"They must have had really strong teeth." Adam

The value of reciprocity was most important in this task and we saw Larch, Ash and Birch class show us how strong their reciprocity skills have become, watching how successfully they all worked in their teams. 

"Is this real?! It smells like chocolate!" Aimee
"It's so cool that we can discover what they ate and where they came from just by looking at their organic remains!" Louie

Reflecting on their evidence and being resourceful in their dissections, everyone succeeded in their investigation and had a fun, messy afternoon. Well done Year Four!

Year 3 Spellings 28/9/20


This week's spellings are:

Spelling test on Friday 2nd October.
















































































Year 4 Spellings - 28.09.20

Please find below Year 4's spellings for this week. Please encourage your child to practise their spellings every evening, so that they are prepared for their test on Friday.

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Tarsia Puzzle fun in Year 4

This week in year 4, the children have been developing their understanding of place value even further by partitioning 4-digit numbers to show their value, and then ordering and comparing them using the correct mathematical symbols.

As part of their learning, they had the opportunity to solve a tarsia puzzle, which tested all of the skills they have practised in maths this week.

"Even though it was a tricky puzzle, we managed to complete it because we used what we knew about place value and worked together to solve it." Nicole, Larch

Excellent work, Year 4! 

Friday, 25 September 2020

Year 3 Certificates 25/9/20

This week in Year 3, our fantastic learners are...

Edward - Certificate for Presentation

Finley - Resourcefulness

Deivydas & Moforuntele - Reciprocity

Daniel - Resilience

Lydia - E for Excellence

Viviana - Star Writer

Freddie - E for Excellence

Lottie - Star Writer

Korey - Certificate for Presentation

Starla & Lenny - Resilience

Christian - E for Excellence
Sarah & Summer - Certificate for Presentation
 Ana K, Frankie & Tiana- Resilience

Year 4 Certificates 25/09/20

Week 3 has whizzed by and the children are settling in so well! We are so impressed by Year 4 completing their 3 pupil jobs and demonstrating excellent, green-zone, learning behaviour. 

E for Excellence
These children have demonstrated excellence their academic work this week. We are so impressed by their hard effort! Well done.

Congratulations to: Taylor, Courtney and Harry. 

Star Writer
This week we have been writing about the Ringing River, an alternative story to The Enchantress of the Singing Sands. These children have shown originality in their ideas and show not tell sentences.

Congratulations to: Amelia, Madalina and Kayden. 

The 4Rs 
These children have demonstrated the important 4Rs this week in and out of class. 


Congratulations to: Thabang, Kezia and Rebeca


Congratulations to: Hannah, Aarna and Carla


Congratulations to: Kyriq, Aisling and Siena


Congratulations to: Charlie, Iniya and Izaan

Times Table Rock Stars
These children have been practising their times tables everyday and have moved up a Rock Status!

Congratulations to: Saarah, Amelia, Fiki, Shajia, Caden, Ceejay, Jaevon, Jessica, Nicole, Annabelle, Victoria, Aisling, Ruby P, Aarna, David and Iniya

Year 4 Human timelines

In History, year 4 have been learning about chronology. The children understood that it is important to place events in chronological order (order of when the event occurred) to further investigate that period of time. After discussing new terms such as ‘timeline’, ‘chronology’, ‘BCE’ and ‘CE’ the children were set a group task to order different historical eras and events. By the end of the lesson, the children were able to create their own human timeline presenting all the historical events of the past. Birch, Ash and Larch class have all shown great reciprocity skills as they discussed the best way to work as a team, resulting in everybody succeeding in their task. Below are a few comments that children have made during class discussions.
What a fantastic lesson it was. Well done year 4!

Larch class!

"I had no idea the Romans lived such a long time ago!" Riley

Birch class!

 "When will people learn about us?" Lukas

Only time will tell! 

Ash class!

"I can't believe the duration of the stone age is as long as the timeline." Iyinope

Well done!
The year 4 team

Science projects in Birch class

For the past two weeks, year 4 have been learning about the Digestive System in Science. We have explored the process of the Digestive System and the importance of food being digested. Children have learnt that it is important to digest food and turn it into energy in order to function throughout the day. Aarna in Birch class explained that it is important to eat healthy food. She said, “We should eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables.” Healthy fruits and vegetables are definitely an important part of a persons diet but it is also important to have a balanced diet so make sure you eat plenty of proteins and carbohydrates as well. 

Below are fantastic projects made by two pupils of Birch class. Aisling has made a project on the different parts of the body. Aisling completed this work during lockdown and was very keen to share it with her class. Aisling shared that there are 78 organs in our body. This is truly amazing Aisling, very well done!

Iniya has made a project on explaining the Digestive System. This is a fantastic reflective piece to our learning. Well done on your amazing work Iniya!

I am really proud of you all!

Miss Islam

Year 3's week as Painting Picassos & Musical Mozarts!


This week in Art, Year 3 were using their previous lesson knowledge on primary and secondary colours.

This time they were using a secondary colour and adding white to create lighter or darker colours.

This week in Music, Year 3 have been continuing to learn the song 'Let your spirt fly' by Joanna Mangona as part of our music lessons.

The children have been learning a variety of vocal warm ups as well as learning to find the pulse in music.

 It was lovely to see all of the children singing along so beautifully to the song.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Dazzling Drama in Year 4!

This week in year 4 the children have continued to explore the story of the Enchantress of the Singing Sands. They have thought carefully about each character and brought the story alive in their classrooms through drama.

It was brilliant to see the children get into character so effortlessly - we were slightly frightened of all the evil enchantresses we suddenly had across year 4!

"It was really fun pretending to be the enchantress, I made sure to be as evil as possible!" Fiki, Larch

The children have also had a go at 'hot seating' where, in character, they were questioned about their behaviour, likes and dislikes. It was definitely a brilliant way for the children to fully understand the characters' motives and predict what they might do next. This could also be a great activity to try at home when the children are reading with you - it's always good fun!

Brilliant work, year 4. We're now so excited to read the imaginative stories you are all going to write!

Monday, 21 September 2020

Year 4 Spellings 21.09.20

Please find Year 4's spellings below for this week. Please encourage your child to practise every evening, so that they are prepared for their test on Friday.

Year 3 Spellings 21/9/20


Friday, 18 September 2020

Year 4 Certificates

We have had another fantastic week in year 4! We have all been so impressed with the learning behaviours they have shown every day and that they have all remembered their three Broadford jobs: turning up to school on time every day, trying their best in every lesson and being kind a polite to everyone they meet.

Certain children have particularly shone this week and have earned the coveted 'E for Excellence' prize!

Well done to Archie in Birch class, Nicole in Larch class and Riley in Ash class!

Year 4 have also earned a number of certificates demonstrating reciprocity, resourcefulness, resilience and reflectiveness this week!

Great job to Indianna, Medeea, Emily and Elsie-Rose in Birch class, Livi, Saraah, Layla and Abdulmalik in Ash class and Victoria, Naiara, Tavia and Teddie in Larch class. 

Year 4 have also earned the presentation certificate as they have demonstrated beautiful handwriting and well presented work! 
Well done to Iniya in Birch, Dhrithi in Ash and Shajia in Larch.