Monday, 7 September 2020

Welcome back Year 3!


Welcome back Year 3!

Welcome to Year 1! | Skyswood Primary & Nursery School

We hope you've had a wonderful first day at school!

We have loved meeting you for the first time and getting started with all our fun learning!

Just as a reminder on our Year 3 team, below are the teachers for Elm, Cedar and Cherry. 

Miss Thomas & Miss Betty 
Miss Barnard

Mrs Bamgboye & Mrs Doughty

Our school day starts at 8.50am and ends at 3.10pm. Please ensure you are on time for school and parents please make sure you are standing on the second lot of red spots nearest the gate.

PE days

This year the children will be receiving two hours of PE with Mr Portway and Miss Evans. 

Children will need to come in in their PE kit on this day to minimize bags coming into school. 

We will be trying to take the children outside as much as possible, due to the current situation, so please ensure they have a warm PE kit. 

This day is Tuesday.

Reading records & spelling/homework books

Children will be given a reading book to take home to read over this week. Please bear with us as we get this sorted. 

In school they will read a different book to minimize cross contamination. 

When children want to choose a new book we will 'quarantine' the book for 48 hours so it can be reused by others.

Because this is a longer process than normal please bear with us with changing books etc.

If you have books at home or a library membership this will be a great way to supplement any time delay with books at school. 

Spelling tests will take place on Friday every week. This week we will be having a test on Thursday 10th September to assess the children's spellings. We will then place them into groups and give out spellings on Monday 14th September.

We will also be 'quarantining' the spelling/homework books over the weekend, so again please do bear with us with any time delays.

Talking to teachers

Unfortunately at the moment teachers will be unable to speak to you face to face. 

If you have any questions or want to pass any information on about your child, please email or ring the office if you require a phone call.

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