Monday, 28 September 2020

Amazing Archeologists in Year 4!

Last Friday, Year Four became real-life historians and dissected “organic remains” to study food evidence from the past. By studying the food inside the organic remains, they could discover if it was from Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. 

The students figured out some clues given to them by Eric the Archaeologist to learn about what the Romans and Grecians ate in the past. They learned about how we can find out so much information about the past through studying different objects.

Working in teams, our historians examined the organic remains to see what food could be found, battling any fear or initial disgust in the name of Science! Between lentils, seeds, stones and fish bones, they gathered the evidence and wrote up observation records to show how they knew if it was Greek or Roman remains. 

“I can’t believe the Romans swallowed stones!” Tavia, Larch. 

"Did they actually eat stones?" Daisy

"They must have had really strong teeth." Adam

The value of reciprocity was most important in this task and we saw Larch, Ash and Birch class show us how strong their reciprocity skills have become, watching how successfully they all worked in their teams. 

"Is this real?! It smells like chocolate!" Aimee
"It's so cool that we can discover what they ate and where they came from just by looking at their organic remains!" Louie

Reflecting on their evidence and being resourceful in their dissections, everyone succeeded in their investigation and had a fun, messy afternoon. Well done Year Four!

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