Monday, 17 July 2017

Year 3 visit Colchester Zoo!

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their final trip of the year to Colchester Zoo. They had planned their route around the zoo in their groups and decided which animals and experiences they would like to see.

After they had decided what they were going to see, they all set off in their groups. Some children and the opportunity to feed the elephants and giraffes, whilst others watched the penguin show!

“My favourite part was feeding the giraffes. I was quite scared at first but the giraffes were really friendly!” Fallon, Sequoia.

“I loved seeing the penguins and the sea lions. It was so cool when we walked through the tunnel and the sea lions swam around us!” Ethan, Sequoia.

Overall, Sequoia and Hazel had an amazing time and planned their day incredibly well. Great job, Year 3!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Year 4 Trip Tomorrow 11/07/2017

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The time has finally arrived! We're going to Southend!

Children are expected to arrive at school by 8.30am so we can leave promptly. They are allowed to wear their Broadford PE kits (white t-shirt, navy shorts, and trainers) as they will be outside most of the day. Rain is forecast for later in the afternoon so they also need to bring a light raincoat and a hat.

There will be an ice cream van available and children may bring a maximum of £3.00 to buy something.

We expect to be back at school by the usual time of 3.15pm, but we will post an update on Facebook if we are late.

See you tomorrow!

The year 4 team

Year 3 Colchester Zoo Trip

This Thursday Year 3 are delighted to be going on their final school trip to Colchester Zoo. We ask that children wear school uniform (weather appropriate) however they can wear comfortable footwear like trainers. Please ensure your child has a packed lunch and plenty of water to drink on the day. Children are allowed to bring a maximum of £5 to spend in the gift shop. This must be contained in a named purse or wallet and children are responsible for their own money.

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Friday, 7 July 2017

Willow Swimming

To the parents and carers of those in Willow class,

Just a quick announcement to let you know that  03/07/17 was Willow's last swimming lesson. Therefore, there will be no swimming on the Monday coming (10/07/17), nor the following week (17/07/17).

The children this term have been fortunate to have one whole hour of swimming each week, which has shown in the amount of progress they have made. We have had children feeling slightly unconfident in their swimming ability to begin with, but now we have a multitude of children completing their 5metres, a whole width, a length and even.... Daniel Tonu and Finley Short managed to swim a whole mile in their lesson!

It has been amazing to watch the children truly flourish through swimming. Although it is now over, I would encourage you to continue swimming with them as it's an extremely important life skill and we could  even end up with some future Olympians if we persist.

Hope you're looking forward to swimming again in year 5 Willow.

Kind regards,
Miss Taylor

Willow class en route to becoming producers!

For our final literacy project this term, Willow are producing trailers for their own creations of Sugarcane juice. This week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed studying a range of trailers from Despicable Me to Trolls movie, in which they identified the common features within them. Following this, the children have started to plan for their own trailer, focusing on the background and props, a voiceover, music and sound effects and camera angles.

Today, we have started putting our plan into action, using our reciprocity skills to form the background and props needed for our trailers.

'This is why literacy is one of my favourite lessons!' Caydon Buckland.

'This is the best big write ever' Samanyu Handoo.

Willow class star writer

In Willow this week, our star writer is the amazing Daniel Tonu. It is no surprise given the fantastic information text he produced on mythical creatures. In big write, the children had a selection of beasts to choose from, including  Medusa, Hydra and the remarkable Minotaur and they had to select only one to write about. Not only was Daniel's presentation impeccable (as always, hence recently earning himself a pen license), but within his writing he was able to use a range of openers, appropriately grouped information into pargagraphs and sustained a formal tone throughout. Daniel, your information text was a pleasure to read! Keep up the great writing.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Year 3 Spellings W/C 03.07.17

Please find below Year 3's spellings for this week. Please ensure your child practices their spellings every night so that they are prepared for the test on Friday.

Willow class star writer

Our star writer in Willow this week is the phenomenal Finley Livingstone after producing a suspense filled episode of Sugarcane juice. Finley proved in this piece of writing that he has all the tools needed to be an independent author, oozing with flair. Although he successfully met the success criteria - adding speech, varying his sentence lengths and using metaphors - he went above and beyond to flaunt how capable he is at writing. He particularly impressed me through his use of an if, if, if, then sentence type, which was not required of him. After the writing process, Finley reflected on his episode, contemplating ways in which he could uplevel his writing, which is a key asset of an effective writer. Keep up the awesome writing! In the famous words of Bruno, "that's what I like."