Thursday, 27 June 2013

Animal Man Visits Year 3/4

On Monday June 24th, Rowan, Ash and Birch had a very special visitor...the Animal Man! The Animal Man brought a range of animals, we had the chance to touch, smell and stroke a tarantula, a millipede, a meerkat and so much more!

The millipede was fat and we learned that it has an exoskeleton, this means its skeleton is on the outside of it's body. Kalen said "I got to hold the millipede, it was fat and its outer shell was very hard and had bumpy lines all over it."

Marky the meerkat was quite funny, it likes to be high up so it crawled onto our backs and even had a little dance on Drew's back. Drew said excitedly, "The meerkat was my favourite, it is the cutest meerkat on Earth! I especially liked when it danced on my back."

Indy, the black python was huge! Some of us were quite scared of it and took a few steps back when it came out. Others were so brave they even let the snake slither across their shoulders! Luis exclaimed "What a great visit from the animal man, it was such an exciting morning! Holding the python was very fun, I wasn't even scared!"

Domino the skunk was a hit! We all had the chance to stroke its soft fur and fortunately the skunk didn't spray anyone! We learned that a skunk stamps its feet to give a warning that it is about to spray its awful stench! Johnny claimed "The skunk was soft and furry and surprisingly cute..and don't worry it didn't spray its horrendous fumes!"

Aiden had the chance to hold Gonzalez the tarantula. He said,"it's legs felt sticky and it's body was a little furry."

Jessica noticed that the scorpion didn't have a name she exclaimed "from this day forward, you shall be named....Loyd!"

Overall it was a fantastic morning, the Year 3 & 4's shouted out with delight, "that was the best visitor ever!" 
Here are some pictures of our brilliant, exciting and fantastic morning with the Animal Man!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Jungle Juice Cocktails!

In Numeracy this week, year 3 and 4 have been measuring capacity. We thought we would make this fun by estimating, measuring and recording our own jungle themed cocktails!

As a challenge, we even calculated how much they would cost and what cocktail we could create for £1.50!

Have a look at day 1 in Rowan class:

Monday, 24 June 2013

Quad Kids!

On Tuesday, some of our Year 3 and 4 children were selelcted to take part in the Quad Kids event held at Hornchurch Stadium.

The 16 children had to compete in the 65m sprint, vortex throw, 600m run and standing long jump.  All of the children tried incredibly hard and represented our school very well, so congratulations to all those who took part! 

A special well done to Chloe Trew who won the tough 600m run!

Here are some photos from the day: