Friday, 22 July 2022

Year 3 - End of Year Dance Performance


Some of the members of Year 3 have been a part of a lunch time dance group this year. They were very excited to display a piece of choreography that had been formed based on their own ideas.
They thoroughly enjoyed letting loose and being creative through dance and formed very close bonds with each other.

'I feel so much more confident when dancing!' - Rosie

'This music is part of my culture!' - Faramade

The members learned the importance of reciprocity, resilience and gave it their best whilst having fun.

Enjoy their final performance using the link below.

Monday, 18 July 2022

Year 4 - Science project


In Science, the children have been studying Electricity and they have made their own electric model projects independently. Impressively, some of the groups have made motors and bulbs work in their circuits. 

Well done Year 4!

Year 4 - Enjoying our Go Bonkers Day ice poles in the sunshine


The Year 4 children loved sitting out in the sun on Friday for a quick break between lessons. They played circle time games and spoke about their thoughts and feelings towards transitioning to the next year group. 

Friday, 15 July 2022

Year 3's Certificate Winners 15.7.22


                                            What another fantastic week for Year 3! 

In Literacy, the children have been creating their very own version of George's Marvellous medicine by changing the setting, characters and plot but keeping the same idea of making a medicine! So far, we have had some interesting and fascinating ideas such as a setting in Jurassic World, the moon and a classroom. 

In Maths, they have started a new topic of mass and capacity, they have been learning all about how much objects weigh and the volume of liquid in different containers. 

On Thursday, they enjoyed a fun filled morning at Go Bonkers Day! The children were so excited to get jumping on the bouncy castles and running through the obstacle courses. 

In RE, they have looked at all of the different creation stories and this week made a poster about how we should look after our planet as it is our job to do so. 

 As always it has been extremely difficult to choose our certificate winners, as each and every one of the children have been super learners. 

E for Excellence - Ryan, Harvey and Krasmir 

Star Writer - Lucas, Victoria and Eddie

Teacher Happy - Emma, Anushri and Scarlett

4R's - Sophia, Princess, Eden, Amber and Lily-Anne

TTRS - Loju, Vanessa, Jake, Khalifa, Larissa, Oliver, Ruby, Elise, George L, Macie, Eden, Scarlett, Alex, Mahdi, Reagan, Meerab and Abdulkarim. 

Reading - Shivanshi

Have a lovely weekend, we look forward to seeing you all back on Monday.

Meet the Year 3 Team!


Welcome to Year 3.

Time to meet the team!

If your child was in Rowan Class they will now be in Cedar Class with Ms Jennings (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs Doughty (Wednesday to Friday).

 Ms Jennings is also the Year 3 Lead. 



If your child was in Mulberry Class they will now be in Elm Class with Miss Thomas.

If your child was in Pine Class they will now be in Cherry Class with Miss Kenealy.


Other adults who are here to help in Year 3 are Miss Smith, Miss Flower, Miss Mills and 

Mrs Chandler

If you have any questions about next year, please do not hesitate to email us at or ring the school office.


Year 4 - Meet the teachers


Year 4 Team for September 2022. 

Hello Year 3, It is now the time to introduce you to your teachers for next year! If you are currently in Elm Class, your new class teachers are going to be...... 
  Mrs Green (used to be Miss Higgins)

 "Hello Elm Class. I'm the Year Group Leader and also your teacher. Next year will be lots of fun and I am really looking forward to teaching you. You will be in Larch class! I cannot wait to see you all again and to get to know you. I am sure we will have lots of fun!"

You are extra lucky this year as you will have Mr Cardwell, who is training to be a teacher in Larch class too.

Mr Cardwell

"Hello, I'm Mr Cardwell, I'm really excited to be joining Larch class this year in what I know is going to be a fun, exciting and adventurous year. See you all in September for a wonderful year of learning and discovery."

If you are currently in Cedar Class, your new class teacher is going to be......
 Miss Hamilton

"Hello Cedar Class. I'm Miss Hamilton and I am going to be teaching you all in Birch class next year. I'm so excited to begin our year together, full of team work, challenging ourselves and learning so many exciting new things. I can't wait to get to know you all even more and to get to start this incredible year together!"

If you are currently in Cherry class, your new class teacher is going to be...... 
Miss Hannan

"Hello Cherry, I am super excited to be your teacher from September. Your new classroom is going to be in Ash. I cannot wait to create new memories and enjoy another full year of learning. I am so excited to see another class grow as learners. It is going to be a fantastic year!"  

 Other adults who are here to help! 

Miss Piper

Miss Shephard

Miss Richards

Mrs Spence 

Mrs Clements

Many thanks,
The Year Four Team

Monday, 11 July 2022

Year 4 - London Trip


Year 4 had an epic day up London on Friday. They explored lots of different landmarks and bridges, stopping off to have lunch at Jubilee Park and Gardens, looking out at the Thames and the wonderful London Eye. After lunch, the children hopped onto a boat to Canary Wharf before heading back to school. 

We could not be more pleased with the children's resilience and reciprocity skills. Navigating in teams, the children used their plans to steer themselves in the right direction. Impressively, lots of the children had never been into London before but could still get from A to B. 

A huge well done Year 4!