Sunday, 30 September 2018

Year 3 - Maths Games

The Year 3 children have been taking part in 'Count on Us' activities on a Friday afternoon.  This is an opportunity for the children to play the various maths games that are used in the prestigious 'Count on us' competitions that take place annually in London.

The children were introduced to '24 Game' which is a mental arithmetic and fast thinking card game that encourages the children to problem solve at speed.

The children also had the opportunity to play with the Tangram puzzle.  They were  challenged to make various shapes.  Tangrams can teach children about spatial relationships. They may also help children to develop  a deeper understanding of geometric terms and develop stronger problem solving skills, possibly enabling children to perform better in general mathematics and become reflective thinkers. A tangram is a Chinese puzzle consisting of 7 shapes (or "tans"):  Blake said "I kept trying and I made a swan".

Year 3 Awards

Year 3 and entering a new key stage is full of new challenges for the pupils but they are continuing to work hard.  As well as the awards given out in the Assemblies the following children have received additional awards.

Molly-May has received an award for her super presentation in Read Write Inc. Freddie has been awarded a  certificate for a being reflective when drawing a portrait and Malachi has made his teacher happy by being polite and hard working.

Keep up the hard work.

Year 4 Spellings 1/10/18

See below Year 4 spellings for this week.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Year 4 Roman Workshop

As part of their History topic, the year 4s were treated to a workshop by Felix the Roman, who taught them all about what life in the Roman army was like. We are learning about different conflicts, and students were able to see what type of uniform a centurion would wear, what type of weapons they used, and how they would march in their legion, as well as learning some Latin! Through this workshop, students were able to get some practical understanding of life as a soldier.

As a result of this workshop the children can now use more historical vocabulary accurately, discuss the benefits and disadvantages of being a Roman soldier, think about how weapons and armour can be used as evidence, and can make comparisons between the Romans and modern-day life.

Two very strong students were lucky enough to try on a galea (helmet) with a crest of dyed red horse hair, as well as hold a gladius (short sword) in their right hand and a large scutum (shield) in their left. Felix explained different defensive formations they used such as the tortoise shell manoeuvre and attack strategies using a pilum spear. Then the students marched back in time through Gaul, Germania, Hispania and Britannia before arriving in Londinium for an aristocratic meal.

"Ad signa!" (Stand to attention)
"Senatus, Populusque, Romanus!" (For the senate and the people of Rome!)
"Dextra, senestra!" (Left, right)

Some students were unfortunate enough to play barbarian slaves tasked with feeding the aristocracy. They made delicacies such as elephant trunk and peacock brains. When the rich Romans were too full to eat any more, they would go to the vomitorium and tickle their throat with a feather so they could...relieve...themselves of being full.

"The chef has made you some raw doormice dipped in honey for dessert - delicious!" said Ruben

Fun Facts:

  • Roman aristocrats would lay on their sides and use only their right hand to eat. Why was that?
  • Gladiators were not Romans, but in-fact barbarians captured and forced to fight in the Colosseum against lions, tigers and even bears! (Oh my!). 
  • Doormice dipped in honey was a delicacy.
  • The red crest of horse hair on their galea made it easy for soldiers to see who was on their side during a battle. 

"It was so much fun, I can't believe they ate those things though" commented Nina.

"My favourite part was learning about all the armour, the helmet was so heavy" Kiera

Friday, 28 September 2018

Year 4 Awards

Polina has earned a presentation award this week - keep up that super presentation, Polina! 

Rayne has won the reflectiveness award this week. 

Well done girls!  

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Dads and Kids Sports' Night

A Great Evening! 

What a fabulous turnout to our 'Sports' Night' held at Broadford last night. A huge thanks to all the dads, granddads and uncles that came along to support the event; your enthusiasm and light - hearted competitiveness was a joy to watch. Teamwork in sports allows everyone to work together to achieve a common goal - the goal last night was to spend quality time together and have fun - that was certainly achieved! We couldn't have asked for better weather, which made the event all the more enjoyable.

We look forward to organising more evening events throughout the year.

Many thanks to Richard Shorter for organising the event.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Year 3 - My Book Blog - Repost

Due to parental request, this post has been re - blogged:

The children have been using My Book Blog.  This is a site that encourages the children to develop a love of reading.  There are many books on the website and the children can carry out various activities relating to the texts.  There are opportunities for the children to write blogs, reviews and answer quiz's and reinforce key vocabulary. 

The children get some time in school to access this site during guided reading and they are also encouraged to log on at home.  The children have all been given there log in details which entail colours and animals, you will find these stuck in their reading records.

Please follow the link and log in to access the site:

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Year 4 Awards

Well done to Ollie for making his teacher happy this week! Ollie has worked hard to make the right choices and this has had a positive effect on his work - well done!

Joe has shown great reciprocity this week, he works well with others and always offers a helping hand.

Kara, Alex and Megan have all been reflective which is a brilliant learning behaviour!

Year 4 Stay & Learn Session 2/10/18

We look forward to welcoming all Year 4 parents into our classes next week, Tuesday 2nd October, for our first Stay & Learn session of the Year. The focus of this session will be reading. You will have the opportunity to read with your child, take part in other reading activities and discuss the Year 4 reading expectations with the staff. 

As always, please come along equipped with any questions you may have about your child's reading - we are always happy to help! 

The session will begin at 9am in Birch & Ash. 

See you Tuesday! 

Well done Amandeep!

Well done to Amandeep for extending her learning in her own time at home. After we introduced our topic in School, Amandeep took it upon herself to use the internet to research the Romans and find out more. She then brought her findings into School to share with us. Thank you, Amandeep!

Monday, 24 September 2018

Year 4 Spellings 24.9.18

Here are this week’s spellings in Year 4. So far, the children have been brilliant at bringing in their completed spellings on a Friday! Well done to all! 

Dads and Kids Sports’ Night

Dads and Kids Sports’ Night

Wednesday 26th September

5.45 - 6.45

Rev. Rich is hosting a ‘Dads* and Kids Sports’ Night’. 
It’s sure to be a fun evening for dads and their children.
We are inviting children from Year 3,4,5 and 6.
All dads are invited to come and have some sporting fun.
All abilities and fitness levels welcome.
Come ready to enjoy an evening of sharing sport with your children.
(If wet, it will still be on!)

Please let Mrs Stanley know if you wish to attend and how many children you will be bringing.

* Granddads, uncles, older brothers are also welcome to attend.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Year 3 Awards Friday 21st September

Another fantastic week in Year 3, as well as the E for Excellence and Star Writer awards given out in Assembly these children received awards too.

Ellie and Molly-May have been working incredibly hard this week demonstrating great resilience,  They have especially persevered with developing an understanding of place value.

Lily, Katlyn and Harry have received presentation awards,  They are continually working hard and presenting their work to a high standard.  

Well done to all of the children and keep the hard work up.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Year 3 Stay & Learn Sessions

We will be opening our classroom doors to all parents and carers on the following dates:  

Tuesday 9th October 9- 9.45 am - With a focus on reading

Thursday  22nd November 9- 9.45 am -  With a focus on Maths

Image result for reading with your child

This will be an opportunity for you to come into your child's class and see what they have been doing.  There will also be an array of activities for you to complete with your children. These will take place each half term and have various agendas.

Year 3 Trip to MOD Pizza

Image result for mod pizza romford

The Year 3 children are lucky enough to be taking part in a trip to the new MOD Pizza Restaurant in Romford.  This will be linking in with their up and coming literacy topic of instruction writing.  

Hazel Class - Wednesday 10th October
Sequoia Class - Thursday 11th October
We will be leaving school promptly first thing as the sessions run 
from 9.30 am until 11 am.

Image result for mod pizza romford

During their free visit they will be taking part in a pizza making workshop where they will be expected to follow instructions and use their creative skills.  They will get the opportunity to make their own pizza's and try them.  

You will be pleased to hear that we will be travelling to Romford on the bus.  Therefore their will be no cost for this trip. 

Again this is a local trip therefore you have already signed a permission form however if your child has any food allergies or you have any other concerns please advise your class Teacher.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Year 3 at Central Park

Both Sequoia and Hazel class were impeccably behaved on our trip to the park earlier this week. It was a speedy trip during their Literacy time which served to inspire to write about the body's senses. As previously mentioned, the purpose of the trip was to gather some language for a descriptive piece of writing about a forest tied in with Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are. The children were encouraged to use their senses to notice what they could see, hear and touch.

Mitchell noticed that there was far more than just leaves on the floor.. Sticks, dirt, mud, and even some creepy crawlies!

 Jersey found a crinkly, crunchy leaf that crackled gently in her hand!

Many thanks to Miss Metters and Ms Jarvis for joining us on the trip. Now let's get writing!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Calling Year 4 Parents/Carers!

As you may have already heard, in Year 4 we have been very lucky to have our own set of Chromebooks to use in class. At times, we may need to watch educational videos to assist our learning. 
As you can imagine, this can prove quite difficult if all 30 children are trying to listen at the same time. Currently, we have limited numbers of headphones in class but in the near future we are hoping to order a class set.  In the meantime, we have suggested the children are allowed to bring in their own headphones if they wish. 
If you happen to have a spare pair of headphones at home and could send them in with your child it would be greatly appreciated. 

Please note, this is not a requirement and we do not expect you to buy headphones if you do not wish to. 

Many thanks
The Year 4 Team 

Dads and Kids Sports' Night!

Dad and Kids Sports’ Night

Wednesday 26th September

5.45 - 6.45

Rev. Rich is hosting a ‘Dads and Kids Sports’ Night’. 
It’s sure to be a fun evening for dads and their children.
We are inviting children from Year 3,4,5 and 6.
All dads are invited to come and have some sporting fun.
All abilities and fitness levels welcome.
Come ready to enjoy an evening of sharing sport with your children.
(If wet, it will still be on!)

Please let Mrs Stanley know if you wish to attend and how many children you will be bringing.

Year 4 Star Writers

Well done to Michael and Florence for being this week’s Star Writers. Michael wrote some brilliant sentences in his grammar lesson this week and to top it off  his presentation was beautiful.

Florence impressed Miss Hamlin in Literacy by writing about dilemmas. Florence explained what a dilemma is and how some dilemma scenarios could be resolved. 

Well done to both of you!  

Monday, 17 September 2018

17.9.18 Year 4 Spellings

See below this week’s spellings in Year 4.

We look forward to seeing who will get full marks on Friday!

Year 3 - Local trip to Central Park

We just wanted to advise you that we will be walking the Year 3 children to Central Park on Wednesday 19th September.  We are working towards writing a descriptive story in Literacy which will be set in a woodland area, we feel the children would benefit from experiencing this in real life to support the development of a bank of language.

Image result for central park harold hill

You have already signed permission forms for local trips however we are just notifying you of our intention.  We will only be out approximately 1 hour and this will not effect the children's lunch. Please speak to your Class Teacher if you have any concerns.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Year 3 - Awards

These children received a 4 R certificate for working incredibly well in a team as History detectives demonstrating Reciprocity.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Year 3 History Detectives

This week the Year 3's have demonstrated great resilience as we started our Topic. "How architecture influenced society across the ages".   They have immersed themselves in this new topic and used their detective skills whilst carrying out fun tasks to research different buildings from the past, starting in particular with the Stone Age.

The topic kick started with some deep thinking regarding what they wanted to find out. After investigating different structures from the past they were given the opportunity to create their own buildings using junk modelling and natural resources.

The children demonstrated reciprocity when working in table teams to solve a puzzle containing probing questions relating to structures from the past.  They were encouraged to ponder about "Why did stone age buildings change?" and the kinds of of Historical sources available. among other things.

Tilly said "There's a secondary source in the book corner its a book about the Stone Age".

The children were given the task of replicating a type of house using classroom equipment and whatever they could grab from outside!

Ellie and Isreal made a hide tent from sticks and paper...

Jeremiah, Oliver, Jersey, and Charlie made a tulou from multilink and leaves...

Whilst Roberto, Akunna, Sophie, and Maddison made their tulou out of dienes...

3 different groups made a stilt house from dienes, multilink and paper...

 And Tyler, Moyin, Nancy, and Bella made a minka from paper and miltilink.

This was a challenging task that demanded lots of reciprocity and patience from all groups. Good job year 3! Great teamwork!

Have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing those reading records!
Miss Taylor and Mr Nicol :)

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Week 1 In Year 4!

Well what a fantastic few days it has been in Year 4 already! The children have settled in superbly into their new classes and have impressed their teachers during a number of different activities. 

They began their first day with a summer bingo activity, investigating what their peers had got up to. 
We found out that Lewis had been fishing, Rayne went shopping and Billy went to the park (just to name a few). The children also played game of 3 truths and a lie to discover just how well they know eachother which revealed many interesting facts.

Here are just a few of our discoveries: 
Laicey hates jacket potato and is allergic to daddies sauce. 
Ruben has a brother in the army. 
Naz doesn't like sushi and is going to take guitar lessons.
 Amandeep is addicted to eating chips! 
Polina was stung by a wasp when she was three.

In addition to this, they’ve been applying their addition and subtraction knowledge to solve problems, recapped their place value knowledge, completed a number of grammar activities and written an adventure story! 

We ended the week with an extra special treat; the children used our brand new Chrome books for the very first time! The children all successfully logged onto the WiFi and set their chrome book up with their own personal accounts. They then used google docs to collaborate on a document and experimented with different styles of text. They then learned how to insert images from the web and how to insert a table. Not bad for an hours work! 

"Wow it’s green now! I love it." Shouted Kiera 

"I can't believe we are all typing and I can see it. It's magic!" James

"I love how I can get the pictures on there from google!" Maisy 

The children were brilliant at unscrambling the mystery words!