Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Year 4 Learning Challenge - Autumn 1

Significant Person

Year 4 Autumn 1 Learning Challenge

An Eloquent Silenceby Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Year 4 Autumn 1 Learning Challenge

‘Mars: The Bringer of War’ by Gustav Holst
Year 4 Autumn 1 Learning Challenge
‘The Romans in Britain’ by Judith Nicholls
Year 4 Autumn 1 Learning Challenge
The Romans gave us aqueducts
Fine buildings and straight roads
Where all those Roman legionaries
Marched with heavy loads

They gave us central heating
Good laws, a peaceful home
Then after just four centuries
They shuffled back to Rome

Poem Painting Person
Learn it off by heart
Find out 10 facts about the painting/artist
Draw a portrait of the person
Listen to a piece of music
Find another poem by the poet
page1image17048 page1image17952
Produce a collage of other paintings by the artist
Produce a timeline of their life
Identify the instruments.
Create a performance as part of a pair/group
Draw a picture in similar style
Produce a poster to advertise their achievements
Research the life of the composer.
Write a short biography about the poet
Transform the medium of the painting: use collage instead of painting
Write a letter asking them about their life
Attempt to recreate the piece of music
Write your own poem inspired by the topic
Use the image as a stimulus for
100 WC

Explain how the world would be without this person
page1image43248 page1image43728
A mind map of different emotions you feel at various points in the piece
page1image45504 page1image46304
Compare and contrast two poems by the poet
Describe what the painting: what it represents, how it makes you feel, what it is based on
Give five reasons for and against why they should be in ‘The Hall of Fame’
Produce a piece of art/collage based on how the music makes you feel.

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