Sunday, 30 September 2018

Year 3 - Maths Games

The Year 3 children have been taking part in 'Count on Us' activities on a Friday afternoon.  This is an opportunity for the children to play the various maths games that are used in the prestigious 'Count on us' competitions that take place annually in London.

The children were introduced to '24 Game' which is a mental arithmetic and fast thinking card game that encourages the children to problem solve at speed.

The children also had the opportunity to play with the Tangram puzzle.  They were  challenged to make various shapes.  Tangrams can teach children about spatial relationships. They may also help children to develop  a deeper understanding of geometric terms and develop stronger problem solving skills, possibly enabling children to perform better in general mathematics and become reflective thinkers. A tangram is a Chinese puzzle consisting of 7 shapes (or "tans"):  Blake said "I kept trying and I made a swan".

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