Sunday, 9 September 2018

Week 1 In Year 4!

Well what a fantastic few days it has been in Year 4 already! The children have settled in superbly into their new classes and have impressed their teachers during a number of different activities. 

They began their first day with a summer bingo activity, investigating what their peers had got up to. 
We found out that Lewis had been fishing, Rayne went shopping and Billy went to the park (just to name a few). The children also played game of 3 truths and a lie to discover just how well they know eachother which revealed many interesting facts.

Here are just a few of our discoveries: 
Laicey hates jacket potato and is allergic to daddies sauce. 
Ruben has a brother in the army. 
Naz doesn't like sushi and is going to take guitar lessons.
 Amandeep is addicted to eating chips! 
Polina was stung by a wasp when she was three.

In addition to this, they’ve been applying their addition and subtraction knowledge to solve problems, recapped their place value knowledge, completed a number of grammar activities and written an adventure story! 

We ended the week with an extra special treat; the children used our brand new Chrome books for the very first time! The children all successfully logged onto the WiFi and set their chrome book up with their own personal accounts. They then used google docs to collaborate on a document and experimented with different styles of text. They then learned how to insert images from the web and how to insert a table. Not bad for an hours work! 

"Wow it’s green now! I love it." Shouted Kiera 

"I can't believe we are all typing and I can see it. It's magic!" James

"I love how I can get the pictures on there from google!" Maisy 

The children were brilliant at unscrambling the mystery words!

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