Friday, 21 September 2018

Year 3 Trip to MOD Pizza

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The Year 3 children are lucky enough to be taking part in a trip to the new MOD Pizza Restaurant in Romford.  This will be linking in with their up and coming literacy topic of instruction writing.  

Hazel Class - Wednesday 10th October
Sequoia Class - Thursday 11th October
We will be leaving school promptly first thing as the sessions run 
from 9.30 am until 11 am.

Image result for mod pizza romford

During their free visit they will be taking part in a pizza making workshop where they will be expected to follow instructions and use their creative skills.  They will get the opportunity to make their own pizza's and try them.  

You will be pleased to hear that we will be travelling to Romford on the bus.  Therefore their will be no cost for this trip. 

Again this is a local trip therefore you have already signed a permission form however if your child has any food allergies or you have any other concerns please advise your class Teacher.

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