Monday, 17 July 2017

Year 3 visit Colchester Zoo!

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their final trip of the year to Colchester Zoo. They had planned their route around the zoo in their groups and decided which animals and experiences they would like to see.

After they had decided what they were going to see, they all set off in their groups. Some children and the opportunity to feed the elephants and giraffes, whilst others watched the penguin show!

“My favourite part was feeding the giraffes. I was quite scared at first but the giraffes were really friendly!” Fallon, Sequoia.

“I loved seeing the penguins and the sea lions. It was so cool when we walked through the tunnel and the sea lions swam around us!” Ethan, Sequoia.

Overall, Sequoia and Hazel had an amazing time and planned their day incredibly well. Great job, Year 3!

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