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Year 3 Curriculum Newsletter - Autumn 1

Year 3 - Curriculum Newsletter
Welcome back to the new academic year! We hope you find this letter informative, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher if you have any questions relating to the curriculum.
Our expectation at Broadford is that every child should do the following every night:
  • 15 minutes reading to themselves or an adult and note in the reading record
  • 15 minutes practicing spellings
  • 15 minutes rehearsing times tables facts (including multiplication and division)

If children would like to attempt an additional challenge, we have a new Learning Challenge for children to attempt this half of the Autumn Term. All of the activities are based around a significant person, poem or painting relating to our topics. Children do not have to attempt every activity but instead select the activities that they are most interested in and compile a project that reflects the extra time and effort that they have put into their challenge. We hope that children will take their time with the challenge and be proud of the work they produce they should hand this into their teacher at the end of the half term.

Homework Help:
To assist children with their homework they can use ‘My Maths’. The login for this program is Broadford and the password is triangle. Each child has been given a personal login so they can access tasks that the class teacher has set for them. The children can also ask their class teacher for support or guidance with any project that they may be undertaking.

Spellings will be given out on Mondays. The children should practice their words every evening. The test will take place on Fridays.
Parental help:
It is always extremely valuable to have parents who are able to volunteer time to help hear the children read, or support them with their times tables. If you think that you are able to give some time to support the children then it would be warmly welcomed. Once again you will need a current DBS in order to work inside the school.
Curriculum Information
We have included a summary of the topics which the children will be covering this half term. If you have any questions about the topics being covered, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Claxton    Mr White


1st Half Term
2nd Half Term
Spelling, grammar and punctuation
Creating a setting
Information Texts
Spelling, grammar and punctuation

Please fill in the reading journal after hearing your child read.
For a good selection of children books visit your local library.
Useful web links-
Reasoning with 3 digit numbers (Place Value)
Multiplication and Division
Addition & Subtraction
Please practice the times tables with your children. The school is really focusing on Mental maths this term and it would be of great help if your children could learn them.
Useful websites:
Year 3 Starter Unit
Year 3 Starter Unit

Ecology, Environment & Evolution
Ecology, Environment & Evolution
You could visit the Science Museum. Admission is free. Located at Exhibition Road in South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD.
History/ Geography
How has architecture influenced society across the ages?
How has architecture influenced society across the ages?

Hinduism - Festival of Diwali
Netball/Football/Tag Rugby
Netball/Football/Tag Rugby
Please ensure your child has their P.E kit for the correct day
Sequoia - Wednesday
Hazel - Wednesday
Rhythm and Pitch
Rhythm and Pitch
Art/ Design and Technology
Faces and Expression
Faces and Expression
Greeting someone, numbers, days of the week, colours, equipment
Greeting someone, numbers, days of the week, colours, equipment
New beginnings

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