Thursday, 28 September 2017

Roman soldier time travels to Year 4!

Yesterday, year 4 were joined by a time traveller, Felix, the Roman legionary! He had travelled for many years and through countries, to reach us at Broadford Primary School. Felix taught us many interesting facts about Roman soldiers.

Some of the new vocabulary we learnt were Latin words:

The helmet was called a Galea.

The body armour was called the Lorica.

The sword was called a Gladius.

The shield was called a Scutum... not to be confused with a scooter!

Felix also told us all about how the Romans lived. He told us some of their favourite dinners: 

Peacock brain
Elephant trunk
Door mouse dipped in honey! 


Remember always eat with your right hand and NOT with your left...

Year 4 pupils can tell you why!

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