Thursday, 28 September 2017

Senatus Populusque Birchus!

Yesterday, Birch class had a real treat in the shape of Felix, the Roman legionary! He had travelled through the countries, Germania, Gaul,  and Hispania to reach us in Harold Hill. He told tales of his fellow soldiers in the Roman army and of the fearsome Queen Boadicea.

Esther and Adi were lucky enough to try on the galea and hold the scootum!

Clothed in the finest armour the Roman army had to offer, Felix engaged all students in an epic slow motion battle, where he bellowed instructions at his new Roman cohort! The Barbarians, led by Charis suffered a woeful defeat thanks to the Romans' organisation and Felix's fine leadership.

The battle was followed by a feast, harvested by Evie, cooked up by Matthew, and served by Elinga to the fancy Roman lords.

The session concluded with a march around the hall led by the fearsome warriors, Olivia and Sydney. Sin! Sin! Sin, dex, sin!

For 10 housepoints, what were the typical Roman foods that Elinga served to the fancy lords? Answers in the comments section below

Senatus Populusque Romanus!

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