Friday, 7 July 2017

Willow Swimming

To the parents and carers of those in Willow class,

Just a quick announcement to let you know that  03/07/17 was Willow's last swimming lesson. Therefore, there will be no swimming on the Monday coming (10/07/17), nor the following week (17/07/17).

The children this term have been fortunate to have one whole hour of swimming each week, which has shown in the amount of progress they have made. We have had children feeling slightly unconfident in their swimming ability to begin with, but now we have a multitude of children completing their 5metres, a whole width, a length and even.... Daniel Tonu and Finley Short managed to swim a whole mile in their lesson!

It has been amazing to watch the children truly flourish through swimming. Although it is now over, I would encourage you to continue swimming with them as it's an extremely important life skill and we could  even end up with some future Olympians if we persist.

Hope you're looking forward to swimming again in year 5 Willow.

Kind regards,
Miss Taylor

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