Friday, 25 September 2020

Science projects in Birch class

For the past two weeks, year 4 have been learning about the Digestive System in Science. We have explored the process of the Digestive System and the importance of food being digested. Children have learnt that it is important to digest food and turn it into energy in order to function throughout the day. Aarna in Birch class explained that it is important to eat healthy food. She said, “We should eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables.” Healthy fruits and vegetables are definitely an important part of a persons diet but it is also important to have a balanced diet so make sure you eat plenty of proteins and carbohydrates as well. 

Below are fantastic projects made by two pupils of Birch class. Aisling has made a project on the different parts of the body. Aisling completed this work during lockdown and was very keen to share it with her class. Aisling shared that there are 78 organs in our body. This is truly amazing Aisling, very well done!

Iniya has made a project on explaining the Digestive System. This is a fantastic reflective piece to our learning. Well done on your amazing work Iniya!

I am really proud of you all!

Miss Islam

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