Friday, 18 September 2020

Year 3 circuit training - fun in the sun!

On Tuesday afternoon the children in Year 3 across Cedar, Cherry and Elm took part in their first PE lesson of the term. They had an afternoon full of fun, team building skills and exercise, that definitely got all of their heart beats going! The teachers were blown away with the children's determination and team work skills. The children worked up quite a sweat as they worked their way through the different skills.

"I had lots of fun doing the different exercises with my friends"- Finley from Elm class

"I really enjoyed doing PE all afternoon"- Daniel from Cherry

"It was a really hot day but it was so much fun doing PE with the other classes"- Charlie from Cedar

They finished off the afternoon working in teams to pass the ball over their heads to the next child in their team and trying to pass a hula hoop to their team mate without letting go of their team mates hand. 

Well done year 3! It was fantastic to see you all working so well together. It was such a hot day and the children were so well behaved and persevered through all the challenges by supporting each other and working hard. 

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