Friday, 25 September 2020

Year 4 Human timelines

In History, year 4 have been learning about chronology. The children understood that it is important to place events in chronological order (order of when the event occurred) to further investigate that period of time. After discussing new terms such as ‘timeline’, ‘chronology’, ‘BCE’ and ‘CE’ the children were set a group task to order different historical eras and events. By the end of the lesson, the children were able to create their own human timeline presenting all the historical events of the past. Birch, Ash and Larch class have all shown great reciprocity skills as they discussed the best way to work as a team, resulting in everybody succeeding in their task. Below are a few comments that children have made during class discussions.
What a fantastic lesson it was. Well done year 4!

Larch class!

"I had no idea the Romans lived such a long time ago!" Riley

Birch class!

 "When will people learn about us?" Lukas

Only time will tell! 

Ash class!

"I can't believe the duration of the stone age is as long as the timeline." Iyinope

Well done!
The year 4 team

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