Monday, 19 July 2021

Our Own Free Writing in Year Four!

 Over the past week, Year Four have been working hard at writing their own accounts of their favourite parts and memories from our brilliant year. Through diary entries, letters, narratives, stories and personal accounts, the children writers have expressed themselves creatively and cleverly, taking their readers on whirlwind adventures. 

It was so amazing for the teachers to be able to join their groups of writers and enjoy the reciprocal experience of writing alongside the writers.  
"I like reading other people's writing and being able to share ideas," Caden, Larch. 

"I'm so happy I'm able to write about whatever I want and however I want," Carla, Larch. 

We are so proud of our writers and our writing walls that we have created full of exciting, suspense-filled and nostalgic stories. 

                    Here is one of our writing boards, proudly displaying everyone's writing for all to enjoy!

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