Thursday, 15 July 2021

Year 4 Sports Morning!


What a brilliant Sports Morning we have had in Year 4 this week. We ran, we jumped, we ducked, we crawled, we carried eggs in spoons, we threw Vortexes... it has been an incredible experience and every member of Ash, Birch and Larch class (including the teachers) were delightfully exhausted by the end of our brilliant day. 

The Year Four team were so proud of our classes and how they followed their Broadford school jobs and displayed all four Rs. Resilience was observed in never giving up, even when it seemed difficult or there was a water gun spraying us! We were Resourceful in our three-legged race pairings and in our successful completion of the tricky, terrific obstacle course. We have all supported each other and cheered so loud our lungs ache; showing teamwork and beautiful Reciprocity. And now we have time to Reflect on what a wonderful time we have had together and how much fun it has been. 

Thank you so much to you all for being the best year ever!

You can watch highlights of it here!

"If I could write about my favourite memory of Year Four tomorrow, I would write about this day, it was the best day ever" Annabelle, Larch. 

"I felt happy to cheer my friends on!" - Richie, Ash

"I didn't think I could do it but it was so fun and now I want to do it again!" Amy, Larch. 

"Thank you to everyone for making my Sports Morning so fun." - Siena, Larch

"Sports Day was the BEST day!" - Abdulmalik, Ash

"I learnt how to be resilient during Sports Morning, if I fell over, I got straight back up again." - Srinika, Ash

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