Monday, 7 October 2013

A step back in time...

Today, year 3 & 4 had an exciting Roman themed day!

We were transported back to Celtic Britain this morning and learned all about Celtic life, what women, men and children did  (make clothes, farm and fight), their helmets and what happened when the Romans invaded! We even got to see their clothes, masks and shields. 

Here are some pictures:


We then visited Rome and learned to say 'Good morning teacher' in Latin and how Roman children learned maths using an Abacus.

We also learned about Roman life, buying and selling in Roman markets, what servants would do, what jobs they would (wig makers!), what they would eat and how they used to cook, musical instruments, what shoes and clothes they would wear, sanitation and how they would capture slaves.

In the afternoon, we met some Roman centurions! We were very impressed by their armour and shields! They told us why they invaded Britain, the weapons they used (slings, spears, caltrops), how to march in a Roman legion and how to throw spears and arrows.

We had a fantastic day - have a look at our photos from the day:


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