Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Learning Challenge - Why, How & What

Why do we have a Learning Challenge?

  • Foster love of learningWe believe that it is a vital way to foster a sense of inquiry in our children, to develop a curiosity about the world and to take pleasure in learning something new.
  • Cultural entitlement We believe that the our Broadford pupils are entitled to a wide range of cultural opportunities.
  • Parental support We believe that it is important for us to provide guidance for parents on how the children's learning can be extended at home.
  • Celebration We believe that we should be celebrating the work and projects that children choose to do in their own time.
  • ChallengeWe believe that we should offer enrichment that provides challenge for all learners (basic, advanced and deep understanding)
How does it work?
  • Half termly - there is a new challenge each half term focusing on either an aspect of the curriculum being taught or an enquiry question e.g. 'Who is the greatest woman of all time?'
  • Slow learning - because we always have high expectations for their work, it is anticipated that the children will take six weeks to complete the activities.
  • Pupil choice - children can choose how they present their learning challenge outcomes to their teacher or class.
What do they have to do?

Learn it off by heart
Find out 10 facts about the painting/artist
Find another poem by the poet
Produce a collage of other paintings by the artist
Create a performance as part of a pair/group
Draw a picture in similar style

Write a short biography about the poet
Transform the medium of the painting: use collage instead of painting
Write your own poem inspired by the topic
Use the image as a stimulus for 100WC
Compare and contrast two poems by the poet
Describe what the painting: what it represents, how it makes you feel, what it is based on

Draw a portrait of the person
Listen to a piece of music

Produce a timeline of their life

Identify the instruments.

Produce a poster to advertise their achievements
Research the life of the composer.
Write a letter asking them about their life
Attempt to recreate the piece of music
Explain how the world would be without this person
A mind map of different emotions you feel at various points in the piece
Give five reasons for and against why they should be in ‘The Hall of Fame’
Produce a piece of art/collage based on how the music makes you feel.

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