Monday, 25 January 2016

Year 3 are taken back to the age of early man!

Today year 3 were lucky enough to have a workshop all about the age of early man. They travelled back in time and experienced how it might have been all those years ago!

They learnt how they would have farmed the land.

How to catch fish with spears.

How to build heavy, stone walls.

Even how to keep their own farm animals!

After learning all about moving into the Bronze Age, the children then created their own Broadford Stone Henge! 

"I liked acting out how to build a wall in the Stone Age, it really felt like we were there!" Yazmin, Willow.

"I loved the energy of the workshop. We learnt so much whilst still having fun!" Sam, Willow.

Great job Willow, Ash and Birch class!

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