Friday, 6 October 2017

Birch Maths Debate - Which is more important: hard work, knowledge, or attitude?

This morning, Birch class braved the chill of the early air to complete a tricky addition task. Using the key below, which gets you closest to 100%? Is it HARD WORK, KNOWLEDGE, or ATTITUDE?

Working in partners and using chalk to help them, there was a mad dash to find out who could discover the answer!

There were some excellent partnerships including Evie and Max, Deborah and Matthew, and Jaydon and Jorja.

By the time we had finished, Birch class had work out that HARK WORK brings you to 98%, KNOWLEDGE brings you to only 96%, and ATTITUDE gets you all the way to 100%! Bear this in mind next time your thinking thinking of skipping spelling practice, Birch Class!

House Point Challenge

Using the same key, what would GROWTH MINDSET give you? The first correct answer will receive 10 house points on Monday!

Have a good weekend and try to fit in some reading.
Mr Nicol :)

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