Monday, 3 December 2018

Miss Estall Taken!!!

Well, it is safe to say it has been an eventful day in Year 4. 

It all started pretty normal: morning work, maths, assembly and break. Then, mysteriously, after break Miss Estall was nowhere to be seen. She had vanished! 

Quickly, the children were on the case looking for her. But soon after, Miss Hamlin got a bizarre email telling Birch class to "check the blue drawer".  There they found an envelope with a letter in. Take a look...

The poetic letter spoke of someone from Year 2, who wore bells on their feet... The children soon deduced that this could be the work of a Christmas Elf but there wasn't one in sight. So, they passed this information onto Ash who also searched their classroom and they found the Elf! 
The Elf was sat naughtily holding a piece of paper saying "I've hidden her!" 

Immediately, they began investigating. They searched high and low and interviewed many people asking who had seen Miss Estall and when. Here is just some of the information the children managed to source: 

"Miss Chappel said she last saw her at the photocopier" 

"She was on her way to make a call  in the office" 

"Miss Chance said she was talking to her then she went to make a call but she never came back like she said she would"

"She went missing between 10:40 and 10:45 because she was seen before then and we came in at 10:45"

A few minutes later, Miss Hammond entered the class looking for Miss Estall too! She has a suspicious package addressed for Year 4. It was a code which needed breaking to discover the location of Miss Estall. So of course the children got straight to work to crack the code. 

It read "Complete me and you'll see where she be..."

The code led the children to the Year 1 area and Miss Estall was eventually found, with an elf jumper shoved on her head and wrapped in tinsel in the cupboard! She had no recollection of the events apart from being on the phone and feeling something cover her head! The next thing she knew, she was in the cupboard!
Shocked and disorientated, Miss Estall emerged from the darkness. 

This is now an on-going investigation in Year 4. We are yet to agree exactly how this happened or who the culprit is. Miss Estall is convinced that the Year 4 children had something to do with it but the children are certain it is the magic of the Christmas Elf!

The children have been investigating and piecing the  clues and witness statements together. 
Watch this space for any updates! 

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