Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Year 4 VR workshop

Last Thursday year 4 enjoyed a visit to the Rainforest through a Virtual Reality Experience!

As soon as they put the VR goggles on they were transported to the forest floor of the Borneo Rainforest in Indonesia, and the Congo Rainforest in Africa. Children were excited to see insects and animals in their natural habitats, what the forest floor looks like, the different trees and plants in that level of the Rainforest, and how the canopy blocks the sunlight!

They also saw first-hand the destruction of trees and habitats and the impact that humans have had in these areas. It was definitely a treat and a great way to finish off our topic lessons on Rainforests and Deforestation.

"It was so cool; it was like you're really there!" - Roxy

"It made me feel weird" - Violet

"The gorilla made me jump! It was like it was standing right in front of me!" - Tommy

"I couldn't see the snake because it was so well camouflaged!" - Hayden

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