Monday, 2 March 2020

RE- Hindi Wedding Ceremony Leaflets

Hindu Wedding Ceremony Leaflets

In RE, year 4 have been learning about Hindu wedding ceremonies. Both classes have understood that wedding ceremonies are very important for people in general. Harry in Ash class explained that getting married is an important aspect of life. Andrew in Birch class elaborated on this point and explained that marriage can be a life-long commitment. For these two weeks, creating wonderful leaflets about Hindu wedding ceremonies. Hindu wedding ceremonies are one of the most sacred of rites in the Hindu religion. Kanishka in Ash class explained, that the Hindu wedding takes place inside a canopy called a mandap. Giada in Birch class explained, that the bride is sometimes painted in mehndi or henna designs covering her hands and feet before the ceremonies begin. Ash and Birch class have included pictures of a bride and groom in their leaflets. They have used bright colours to make their leaflets stand out.

Well done year 4!

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