Monday, 6 July 2020

Happy Monday Year 4 Parents

As the term begins to draw to a close we wanted to make you aware of the plan (obviously in the current climate this could be subject to change).

Phone calls home this week
  • This week we plan to call our current class to say goodbye, so please answer your phone as you are aware our numbers may come up withheld/unknown.

School reports will be sent
  • On Wednesday 8th July we will be emailing you a link for your child's report.

Notification of new teacher
  • On Friday 10th July you will receive a message and link advising you who your child's teacher will be in September. 

Phone call home from new teacher
  • If all goes according to plan you should receive a call from your child's new teacher at some point next week.

Last teaching day 17th July
  • We will be posting until Friday 17th July. Official 'work' will end around Wednesday 15th July, and celebrations will commence until Friday. Well done to all of the children who are still completing the tasks to a high standard!