Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Black History Month - Art Edition 2021

 Here at Broadford we have been celebrating Black History month through Art!

Each year group spent the afternoon exploring a piece of Black Art or work produced by a Black Artist.

Discussions took place about the contribution of the Black community to the arts and the stories behind the art pieces.

Year 1 , produced work inspired by Alma Thomas, who created paintings that focused on colour, rhythm and pattern that expressed her affinity with the natural world.

"I loved using all the bright colours!" - Chloe

Year 2 recreated a striking piece of art by Lois Mailou Jones. 

Year 3 discussed the diversity and emphasis on hair within the Black Community and how it used for as a medium for creativity and identity.

"There are so many different styles!" - Eden

In Year 4, they delved into the world of African Abstract art patterns!

Jean Michael Basquiat, a unique neo-impressionist artist, was explored across Year 5. They recreated a piece called 'Taschen'.

Creativity is overflowing across the whole school and the celebrations continue!

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