Thursday, 11 October 2012

King Henry comes to Broadford!

Yesterday afternoon Broadford Primary was privilieged to have a visit from a VERY special guest...not Lady GaGa, not Simon Cowell....but King Henry VIII himself! He had somehow managed to spectacularly transport himself from 1543 to the present day!

The children had a marvellous afternoon learning lots of interesting information about the Tudor family, watching Miss Fox re-enact the beheading of Anne Boleyn (much to Miss Fox's delight) and even taking part in a jousting competition.  Take a look....

Here is what some of our chidlren thought about the afternoon:

"I thought that King Henry was a very nice man, but he likes to shout a bit! I enjoyed learning more about the Tudors." Daisy Paius

"I thought the afternoon was really fun because we got to have a jousting race. It was really hard to do but I enjoyed it." Kye Smethurst

"First of all I thought King Henry was a bit scary, but then I got to know him better and I liked him more.  I enjoyed listening to the Tudor music and it was funny seeing Miss Fox getting beheaded!" Emily Morton

Click below to see the video of our visit...



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