Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Year 3/4 Visit the Tower of London

Last week our class went on the most amazing trip to the Tower of London! We have been learning about the Tudors and we went so that we could see where a lot of the history actually happened and learn a bit more whilst having fun!


The first thing that we did was visit the Crown Jewels. It was very busy with lots of tourists in there, however we still got a good look at the sparking, shiny crowns and sceptres.  They were magnificent!  After that, we went to on walk around the Tower walls.  We walked all the way around the tower and looked over the top of the walls to the city of London, just as Kings and Queens would have done.  We also imagined how archers would have been shooting down from the top of the fortress to defend the land from invaders.  Our teachers even took pictures of us posing as archers! From this view, we could also see lots of models of animals that would have been in the Tower when it was once a zoo!


Next, we stopped for our lunch.Sitting on the benches outside the White Tower, we observed the views from inside the Tower and located where Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard was executed and where they are still buried! In addition to this, we were able to see the famous Ravens that live in the grounds.

In the afternoon, we visited the White Tower. In here we saw lots of historic armour that would have been worn by soldiers in the Tudor times, such as armour suites, weapons and shields. We even saw the armour of King Henry himself! In addition to this, we saw a life size model of Henry's horse. 
Later on, we visited the Fusilier's Museum. This is a museum of all the soldiers uniform and weapons from when the Tower was built to now. In this museum, we were able to try on lots of different soldier's hats. Miss Fox took pictures of us all in our soldier's hats and we took one of her too!

 We even got to see real soldiers that protect the Tower today!

Finally, it was time to go home but not until we visited the gift shop.  We all bought a souvenir to remember our exciting day at the Tower.  My favourite part was seeing the Crown Jewels.  However,  we saw lots of interesting things and had fun lots of fun.  So much fun, that some of us fell asleep on the coach home! 

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