Thursday, 11 June 2015

Enchantress of the Sands at Broadford

Enchantress of the Sands has three main settings. To really grasp how different these settings were, we decided to experience them for ourselves in our very own school grounds!

The herdsman had to travel across the white sands. Ash walked barefoot through the sand of our volleyball court for a good length of time to come up with vocabulary such as silky grains tickle my bare toes, golden yellow, sand swirls around as the wind whips through the desert. 

The family lived in a tree house. The children enjoyed looking down at the enchantress and felt protected. I think they enjoyed being chased by the enchantress down the slide quite a lot!

The final setting is based round the enchantress's cauldron. Unfortunately, Miss Barron couldn't bring hers in as it was still in the dishwasher. We used role play to experience the dark, dim and unnerving setting this must have been for the herdsman.  

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