Monday, 15 June 2015

Thinking Like a Mathematician Across the Curriculum

In Year 3 this half term we have been trying to encourage the use of mathematical skills such as analysis, pattern recognition and classification in all subjects. Here are some examples of how our problem-solving pupils have used their mathematical thinking caps to help them in other areas of the curriculum!

In RE we recently explored how Christians' beliefs influence their actions. We took the example of Florence Nightingale and explored what behaviours and attitudes she demonstrated and also considered those demonstrated by Jesus's teachings. Some of the children created Venn diagrams to show what ideas and actions were common to both Florence Nightingale's life and work and those of Jesus's. 

In our literacy we have been exploring folk tales. We have enjoyed familiarising ourselves with a range of traditional stories such as family favourite Red Riding Hood and the Slavic story of the Baba Yaga. The children used their skills of pattern recognition to spot recurring themes, character types and motifs that often appear in these types of story. We then looked for these features in our latest tale, The Enchantress of the Sands. 

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