Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Year 4 Learning Challenge Summer 1

Is Planet Earth dying?

Below is the significant person, painting, piece of music and poem which are related to this half term's theme- Is Planet Earth dying?

It would be brilliant to see as many completed projects as possible in Year 4!

Learn it off by heart
Find out 10 facts about the painting/artist
Draw a portrait of the person
Listen to a piece of music
Find another poem by the poet
Produce a collage of other paintings by the artist
Produce a timeline of their life
Identify the instruments.
Create a performance as part of a pair/group
Draw a picture in similar style
Produce a poster to advertise their achievements
Research the life of the composer.
Write a short biography about the poet
Transform the medium of the painting: use collage instead of painting
Write a letter asking them about their life
Attempt to recreate the piece of music
Write your own poem inspired by the topic
Use the image as a stimulus for 100WC
Explain how the world would be without this person
A mind map of different emotions you feel at various points in the piece
Compare and contrast two poems by the poet
Describe what the painting: what it represents, how it makes you feel, what it is based on
Give five reasons for and against why they should be in ‘The Hall of Fame’
Produce a piece of art/collage based on how the music makes you feel.

Significant Person

Frank Lampard

John Constable  - The Haywain


Sing – Gary Barlow


Missing by Mike Johnson
Missing: our
one and only planet,
known to her friends as

Yes, an old photograph
when she was clothed in
gorgeous greens,
wilderness white,
brilliant blues.

Somehow, got into
bad company:
blistered brown,
gaunt grey,
faded. Jaded,

left one morning;
no forwarding address.

We just didn't think. . .
We just didn't know
what to do.

If you
have any information
that can help us trace
our beautiful planet,
please get in touch.

Please get in touch.

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