Monday, 23 May 2016

Chemical Change in Science

Chemical Reaction Experiment

In Science, we have been learning about chemical change. We learned that everything is made up of atoms, and when atoms form together it creates molecules. Additionally, Ethan B explained that, "a chemical change happens when we mix ingredients together and it changes its form." When this occurs, chemical reactions can be categorized into: reversible change vs. irreversible change. 

What is reversible Change?
-"A reversible change is when something changes its form and then it can return to its original form. For example,  water (liquid) can turn into ice (solid), and when given some time the ice (solid) can melt back into water (liquid)." (Fitzroy)

What is an irreversible Change?
- "This is when ingredients mix together and cannot go back to its original form - like frying an egg, or making concrete, or baking a cake!" (Alisha)

In our Science experiment below, students learned about how chemicals react differently.

Ryan was so amazed by the experiment that he excitedly exclaimed, "It was really cool when we added soap detergent because it made the food colouring swirl and made awesome designs."

"I know why it did that! Since we placed drops of food colouring on top of the full fat milk, the soap served as a cleaner and worked hard to separate the ingredients." - Elina

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