Sunday, 22 May 2016

YR 4 Spellings: May 23-27

Congratulations to all the students in Sequoia and Hazel that received 100% on last weeks spelling test! All students have seen a drastic improvement with their scores and when asked about studying tips, Jack from Hazel reminded the class that, "practicing our spellings everyday helps with repetition! I usually spell each word out loud and then write it to double check." Bradley used the dictionary to find the meanings and learned that the prefix "anti" means against: "By placing the prefix "anti" before a word and knowing that it means "against", I am now smarter with defining "anti" words. For example, antibacterial hand sanitizer fights against bacteria."

Below are the spellings for May 23-27. Please continue to practice your spellings for 15 minutes a day so that you will be confidently prepared on Friday. Good Luck!

Would you like a merit? Here are ways 2 ways to get a merit!
- Find out the meaning of the words
- Try using them sentences of your own

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