Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Volcanic Eruptions with Hazel Class

This week, Hazel class finally got to erupt their volcanoes! They've been waiting a long time for this and the wait was definitely worth it. Using a mix of vinegar, water and fairy liquid, the children had to add in the final ingredient to make their volcanoes erupt....baking soda! You can see from their faces that they were fascinated and had lots of fun doing so!

'If it was a real volcano then the water bottle would be the conduit which is the part where the magma flows up' - Grace.

 'Some of the lava oozed out of our volcanoes and some of them flowed down really quickly' - Tommy.

 'I can't wait to show everyone at home how to erupt a volcano! It was so much fun!' - James.
 'Some volcanoes do have really thick lava that trickles slowly down the side, so our volcanoes were similar to some in real life (minus the heat)' - Naleli.

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