Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Year 3's Star Writers!

Congratulations to Nina and Summer who are this week's Star Writers in Year 3! They both wrote exceptional poems about fire.

Nina made sure to include some powerful adjectives in her poem to create a vivid image in the reader's mind. She also used some brilliant rhyming words, which made the poem even more enjoyable to read.

"My favourite part of my poem is where I used onomatopoeia because it sounds like the fire and it makes it really fun to perform" - Nina, Hazel

Summer's poem was so exciting to read as it not only included alliteration, but she also used onomatopoeia. The words really made it feel like the fire was surrounding us when it was performed!

 "My favourite part of my poem is where I used rhyming words fizzle and sizzle because it makes it more fun for the reader to perform" - Summer, Sequoia

Well done Nina and Summer, you should be very proud of your skills as poets!

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