Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Year 3's Star Writers

Congratulations to Naz and Kyla who are this week's Star Writers in Year 3! They both wrote outstanding biographies on Queen Elizabeth 11.

Naz thought carefully about how to lay her biography out, ensuring to use subheadings so that it was easier for the reader to follow. She even made sure to use a rhetorical question to hook her reader in!

"I like that I used adverbials of time throughout my biography to show when things happened. This definitely helped my reader understand the chronology of the events," Naz, Sequoia.

Kyla included some really interesting facts about the Queen's life and made sure that it was all written in the past tense and using the third person.

"My favourite part of my writing was when I used adjectives to describe how the Queen felt on her wedding day." Kyla, Hazel.

Great work, Naz and Kyla! We have definitely learnt a lot about the royal family this week!

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