Monday, 20 May 2019

Tate Modern Gallery

The following letter was sent out on the 8th May, we still have a number of permission slips outstanding. Please return them to school by tomorrow ,Tuesday 21st May, as these need to be sent to the Tate.

The photograph will be taking place on the morning on Tuesday 11th June

The Tate Year 3 Project Information and Consent Form
Dear Parents and Carers,
All this year, schools across London are taking part in a very special learning project. This project is led by globally renowned artist, Steve McQueen, with the Tate gallery, Artangel and the educational charity A New Direction.
Every Year 3 class across the capital has been invited to take part in one of the largest group portraits ever made and to see their class photograph among thousands of others in a vast exhibition at the prestigious Tate Britain in central London.
Our school is delighted to be a part of this and is excited about seeing our Year 3 class photograph(s) become part of one of the most compelling British artworks of our time.  As part of the project, a photographer from Tate is coming to school to take a class photograph of our Year 3 class(es). We want to include all children in Year 3 in the photograph as well as the teachers and support staff.
After the class photograph has been taken, it will appear as part of the free public exhibition at Tate Britain from November 2019 until May 2020 along with thousands of other class photographs from primary schools London-wide. You will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition and our school will keep you informed of our involvement in the project and how you can take part.
The class photograph that appears in the exhibition will not name any pupils.  Once the exhibition is over, the photograph will be returned to the school as a souvenir for our reception area and Tate will keep a copy in its archives, as they do with all the artworks in their national collection, so that they can show the artwork again should there be a future exhibition.

Please sign and return this letter if you agree to your child participating in the class photograph and for this to be displayed and stored at Tate as part of this national artwork. If you do not give your consent (or do not return this form), your child will still be able to take part in class activity but will not be photographed as part of the class photograph which will be displayed in the public exhibition.

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