Monday, 10 June 2019

Journey to Pakistan in year 4!

This week year 4 started a new Literacy unit. They will be writing a cultural story set in Pakistan. But before we told them where it was set, they participated in some blindfolded challenges to test their senses and immerse themselves in Pakistani culture. Students had to use adjectives to describe what they felt, smelt and could hear to produce a mind map of powerful vocabulary for this unit. Students enjoyed turning their sight off and really using their other senses to describe what they were experiencing. It was a fun way to get excited about our new piece of writing and learning about a different country!

“It smells like a smokey BBQ” - Joe
“It felt heavy and scratchy like there’s sparkles on it” - Paris
“It smelt like cinnamon tea” - John

"It feels silky" - Billy
"It reminds me of a roast dinner!" - Alice

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