Thursday, 20 June 2019

Year 4 begin to plan their London Trip!

District, Metropolitan, Central, Circle or Jubilee?
Eastbound, westbound, platform one or platform 6? 
Victoria Park, Hyde Park or St James's Park?

Decisions, decisions! Year 4 sure have been in a pickle this week! Our topic lessons have been all about the London Underground and train routes. Students have been using their resourcefulness and reciprocity to read the tube map, then begin to plan the quickest journey between stations. They have paid close attention to the key to use the correct name for the lines, to figure out where to interchange and whether there is wheelchair access. 

These are extremely important skills as year 4 will be planning their own trip around London! We are in our groups and have decided on which locations to visit; now the exciting (yet challenging) part begins of creating an itinerary for the day. Stay tuned for updates!

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